• Airbrush Kit

    Colorful Carpets® airbrush setup for restoring intricately-patterned Persian Rugs.   Complete and ready to connect to an air compressor.
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    THIS APP IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE TAKEN THE COLORFUL CARPETS COURSE. TO GAIN ACCESS TO THE APPLICATION YOU MUST CONTACT CHRIS AT 240-753-5395 The ColorCue app is unlike any other. Using it's simple and easy to use interface, anyone can match colors, mix custom dye schemes, and restore carpet and rugs. Even to this day, many color restoration experts painstakingly match colors with color wheels. This app eliminates that work, all from the convenience of your phone.
  • Colorful Carpets® spot dye kits for repairing bleach spots.   Dyes are extremely concentrated.  One kit is sufficient for hundreds of color repair jobs.   Dyes are non-toxic and odor-free.  Guaranteed permanent and colorfast for the lift of the carpet/rug.